This review of the 17 day diet is going to provide you with everything you need to know if you want to try it. Sample menus, food 17 day diet review lists, how it works, each and every cycle of this diet explained as well as things you weren’t told by this diet’s creator Dr. Moreno. As popular as this diet plan is, there are many misconceptions about it. 

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Here’s how the 17 day diet REALLY works: Contrary to the title, this diet is not 17 days. It’s actually 4 cycles, each 17 days. The total time you’ll spend on this diet is 68 days. Each cycle of this diet is meant to keep switching up your eating routines to prevent a weight loss plateau from ever happening. 

There are a few rules you need to follow while on this diet:

  • Drink hot water with lemon every morning (to help digestion).
  • Drink 8 glasses of water a day.
  • Do not consume carbs after 2 pm. This helps maintain weight loss results.
  • You should eat until you almost feel full, then stop. 
  • You’ll be eating up to 4 times a day: Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack & dinner. 

2. Here are the 4 Cycles of the 17 Day Diet: 

Cycle 1 Accelerate:

For the first 17 days you will follow a specific meal plan as shown in the book. This meal plan involves eating a lot of lean cycle 1 17 day diet foods proteins and vegetables. Here is a food list of the allowed foods you can eat during cycle 1:

Lean proteins:

Fish: Salmon, flounder, sole, tilapia, catfish and canned light tuna.

Meat: Chicken breast, turkey breast, lean ground turkey, eggs & egg whites. 


Artichoke, asparagus, green/orange/red/yellow bell peppers & broccoli and any vegetable that doesn’t have starch.

Other allowed foods: You are encouraged to eat berries, plums and apples and grapefruits and even yogurt. 

What is not allowed: Pasta, white bread, starchy foods such as potatoes. This cycle is all low-carb.

Summary of cycle: The purpose of accelerate is to get your body used to a specific eating routine. When you switch to cycle 2, you will be switching it how you eat on a daily basis, which is where an effect called “metabolic confusion” will take place that will make sure you keep experiencing weight loss results.

Sample meal plan for cycle 1: 

Breakfast: Egg white omelet (2 eggs per serving) with spinach, 1/2 grapefruit, 1/2 cup of plain yogurt.

Lunch: Salmon with broccoli.

Snack: Bowl of berries (raspberries).

Dinner: Chicken breast with artichoke.

Cycle 2 Activate:

Activate means metabolic confusion is taking place. In this cycle (which also lasts 17 days), you’ll be introduced to a new meal plan cycle 2 17 day diet with more foods allowed, but will be switching back to a cycle 1 meal plan every other day. In other words:

Day 1: Cycle 1 eating style Day 2: Cycle 2 eating style Day 3: Cycle 1 eating style Day 4: Cycle 2 eating style Ect…

Here is a list of foods you’re allowed to eat on cycle 2: 

Seafood: Crab, clams, shrimp, scallops, oysters & mussels. 

Lean meat: Lamb shanks, pork tenderloin, lean ground beef, sirloin steak, pork sirloin chops, flank steak.

Grains: Barley, quinoa, brown rice, grits, oatmeal, basmati rice & oat bran. 

Beans: Black beans, kidney beans, peas, corn, soy beans, split peas, lima beans & butter beans. 

Vegetables (with starch!): Sweet potato, yam, potato, corn & breadfruit.

Remember, you will be switching it up and eating cycle 1 style on certain days and cycle 2 style every other day. Also don’t forget about drinking 8 glasses of water a day and drinking hot tea with lemon every morning. 

Sample meal plan for cycle 2:

Breakfast: Oatmeal & yogurt with hot tea.

Lunch: Baked potato & yam.

Snack: 1 serving of apple.

Dinner: Steamed green beans with lamb shakes.

Cycle 3 Achieve:

The next 17 days of this diet will involve introducing healthier foods into your diet as well as learning portion control and eating correctly at certain times. In this cycle, there’s no alternating eating days as before. Here you just eat from the food list described below.

Lean proteins: Fish (from cycle 1) and meat from cycles 1 & 2 as well as quail, Canadian bacon, Cornish hen. 

Bread (1 slice/day): Gluten free bread, muti grain bread, sugar free bread, oat bran bread, fiber enriched bread.

Cereal: Fiber one, all bran and all bran extra.

Pasta: Whole wheat, gluten free, high fiber. 

Vegetables: All vegetables from cycle’s 1 & 2, broccoli, zucchini, pea pods, summer squash, grape leaves, radishes. 

Fruits: Mango, guava, berries, kiwi, figs, apricots, bananas, pomegranate, papaya, cherries. 

Sample meal plan Cycle 3:

Breakfast: Sun dried tomatoes and scrambled eggs or bowl of cereal.

Lunch: Steamed broccoli with lean cuts of beef and 1 slice of bread.

Snack: 1 mango with yogurt.

Dinner:  Brown rice with tilapia fillet with grape leaves.

Cycle 4 Arrive:  finish

The last cycle of this diet, but it’s not 17 days long. It’s actually an eating plan for life to maintain results. In this plan you eat based on a cycle 3 routine 5 days out of the week and then for the remaining 2 days, cheat by eating pretty much anything you want and also as much as you want.

The reason you do this is to keep the metabolic confusion effect going. By switching up your meal plans every few days and eating differently, you’ll prevent all the results you got from the first 3 cycles from ever returning. 

The real secret to this diet (metabolic confusion): 

It’s really all about the metabolic confusion. Although the foods in this diet are very healthy and you are encouraged to eat a certain way from cycle to cycle, the key to this diet’s success is preventing a plateau from happening and that is why you keep switching your eating routines every seventeen days, to keep the metabolic confusion effect going.

What is metabolic confusion? It is a method of eating where you switch up your eating routines every. If done correctly, this method of eating tricks your metabolism into increasing and staying that way. 

The 17 day diet’s version of metabolic confusion isn’t the most optimal. You are switching your eating routines essentially every 17 days (except for cycle 2), but there is an accelerated way of utilizing this method where you switch your eating routines every single day and lose weight even faster.  This method is called “calorie shifting”, which is utilized by only 1 diet: Fat Loss 4 Idiots, which is much faster than the 17 day diet. 

The Good: 17 day diet pros

  • Does provide healthy weight loss results.
  • Metabolic confusion is a proven way to prevent a weight loss plateau from happening.
  • Endorses healthy eating. 
  • Wide variety of healthy (though expensive) foods to choose from.

The Bad:  17 day diet cons

  • Is 68 days long, not 17. 
  • Can be quite expensive. There is a large food list. The 17 day diet also offers you meal plans delivered to your door on a weekly basis, but the price of that is close to $185 (per person).
  • It doesn’t take metabolic confusion to it’s maximum. The alternative version “Calorie shifting” gets even faster results because it switches how you eat everyday instead of every 17 days which gets faster results. Learn more.

Should you try the 17 day diet?  should you do the 17 day diet

This diet definitely works and many have experienced great results from it. Though it is long, expensive and at times challenging, it does get easier as you go further. It does at times follow a very traditional low-carb, high protein approach to losing weight, but it still makes up for it in the later cycles. If you’re aiming for a long term solution in a diet, the 17 day diet does deliver pretty well.

An accelerated version of the 17 day diet? 


The only real cons of the 17 day diet are that it can be expensive to try and that it doesn’t go as far as it can with it’s metabolic confusion. Had this diet utilized metabolic confusion every single day and not every 17 days, weight loss results would be a lot faster (2-3 times).

The only diet which takes metabolic confusion to it’s full potential and gets faster results than the 17 day diet is this plan. In short, if you’re aiming to get all the benefits of the 17 day diet, but want to get faster results, this diet will deliver (up to 15 pounds in 10 days). 

To learn what this diet is, click here.





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