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Every Other Day Diet (EODD) Review: everyotherdaydietpic1_1

The Every Other Day Diet (EODD) has been very popular since it was first introduced in late 2009. It follows the same idea of dieting as calorie shifting, but calls it “interval eating”. It was created by Jon Benson. 

In this diet’s approach to the method, you eat healthy foods one day based off a food list called “SNAPP”, which includes nuts, vegetables, salads and lean meats and every other day you get to eat anything you want.

This could be cheeseburgers, cookies, dairy products, pizza, literally anything. It in addition to Fat Loss 4 Idiots is one of the few TRUE calorie shifting guides which allows for a lot of flexibility. 

So in short, you’re basically dieting every other day with this diet plan. But it’s actually following along the interval eating (calorie shifting) method of dieting because you’re changing around your eating routines which tricks the metabolism into increasing and causing the weight loss. That’s how the technique works. But the overall weight loss effect is really 2 things here:

1. Interval eating (calorie shifting effect) taking place.

2. Eating healthy foods every other day which adds to the results. 

The only downside of the program is that on the SNAPP days, you can only eat about 1,200 calories a day and that you have to read through an e-book to get started. But when compared to the fact that you can eat anything you want the next day as well as all the pounds this diet will help you drop, it’s really not a major problem at all.

This diet lasts for 14 days in which you can lose 14 pounds. The method of dieting is the same as calorie shifting and works just as well. 

Workout program (optional):

In addition to the program is a workout (optional) called “7 minute fitness” which provides you with a list of interval training type exercises you can use to take off the extra pounds and get into shape through the process. The exercises are done in a 2:1 interval training form: You workout and then rest half that time, then move onto a next workout. This method of training is proven to help improve fat loss. 

Although the workout is optional and the diet the only real thing to focus on, it’s still a great bonus to have if you’re looking to get into shape in addition to losing weight. EODD is one of the few diets that performs calorie shifting very well. 

Official Every Other Day diet website.


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