3. Skinny Switch Secret

Skinny Switch Secret is really a great diet program. It’s one of the few which utilizes calorie shifting correctly. Though it doesn’t Skinny Switch Picture call it’s method of weight loss that, the process is identical to it. In essence you switch your eating routines every few days. That is calorie shifting and that’s exactly what you do in this diet.

But there’s a major con to this program and its that it’s quite expensive to try this program because it requires people to sign up to a membership website. More on that later, first the review:

Skinny Switch Secret promises you can eat anything you want using their special approach to dieting. But the secret as you already know is calorie shifting. Yet in this diet is works a little differently.

Here is the “Secret”:

This diet changes how you eat every 2 days. You pick out foods from a list which you will then eat for 2 days. Then on the 3rd day, you get to cheat by eating whatever it is you want. 

Then you start over. You go back to the original 2 day eating plan, follow that and then again eat anything you want on the third day. This process continues until you reach your weight loss goal. 

There is a lot of flexibility in this program, but the main problem is that it requires signing up for a 6 month membership, that when added up equals to over $150. If it wasn’t for this huge price tag, this diet would be a lot more popular. But if you’re contemplating trying it, I would recommend against it and here is why…

Same Diet, Only 3x Cheaper:

It just so happens that the #1 recommended calorie shifting guide on this diet, Fat Loss 4 Idiots follows an almost identical method of dieting and it costs 3x less than Skinny Switch.

The only difference is that it’s actually more flexible than Skinny Switch because you get more food choices and most of them are simple and very easy to prepare, no fancy recipes. Once you pick out what you wish to eat, a diet generator tells you exactly how to eat what you chose. The diet only lasts 11 days and in that time you can lose 9 pounds. One of the other issues with Skinny Switch is that it doesn’t identify how much weight you’ll lose. Their results vary. With Fat Loss 4 Idiots, 9 pounds in 11 days is the standard.

There are more food choices and the diet is easier to follow, but most importantly it’s a heck of a lot cheaper. Learn more about Fat Loss 4 Idiots.



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