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The #1 source for calorie shifting information & guides. If you are here, chances are you have heard about the revolutionary new dieting technique known as calorie shifting and the fact that it gives dieting a whole new meaning.

Every dieters dream is to lose weight fast while eating what they want and doing what they want. Well with calorie shifting it is possible. Up to 10 pounds or more in 2 weeks or less. In some cases, people lose 1 pound every day with this dieting technique, even while they sleep. And it’s completely natural.

  • Some have used it to beat their obesity.
  • A woman by the name of Rachel Rofe who used this method to lose over a 100 pounds.
  • Others have used calorie shifting to lose weight before a major event like a wedding, a date, a job interview, a date or they just wanted to look great, fast. Once you experience calorie shifting for yourself, you will never ever have to diet again.
  • This is a dieting technique that has helped millions lose weight and keep it off.

Here What Calorie Shifting Can Do:

Calorie shifting unleashes the body’s fat burning potential and lets it loose. It naturally makes your body burn more fat and keep metabolism high regardless of what you’re eating or doing. And this is all done simply by eating in a certain way that makes this happen. You can lose weight fast, naturally and quickly no matter what you eat or do. What’s even more surprising is that weight loss results from calorie shifting are LONG term and people finally have the chance to get out of Yo-Yo dieting for good.

Other Popular Names For Calorie Shifting:

There are multiple diets out there which use the same concept of calorie shifting in their plan/s, but call it something different. In reality it’s all based off the same dieting technique. Here is a list of the most common diets/methods which use calorie shifting but call it something else:

  • Calorie cycling
  • Metabolic confusion (17 Day diet)
  • Up day down day diet
  • Alternate day diet
  • Calorie confusion diet
  • Interval Eating
  • Every other day diet

Thinking About Trying It? Why It’s Highly Recommended To Use A Calorie Shifting Guide:

Calorie shifting itself is a incredible dieting technique, but without the right direction, people often end up doing it wrong, wasting a lot of time and money experimenting with it and never experiencing the full weight loss potential of this dieting technique.

With the right guide, you will get it right the first time and be amazed at your results. Below is a list of the most popular calorie shifting guides available today:

Best Calorie Shifting Guides:


1. Fat Loss 4 Idiots.

Average Customer Review:

5 stars

The original and still the best calorie shifting guide there is. Fat Loss 4 Idiots has been around for 7 years and was the first diet skinny_switch_flfi program to ever use the calorie shifting technique and introduce it to the world.

Fat Loss 4 Idiots makes calorie shifting ridiculously easy, hence the claim that this diet is “Idiot Proof”. This diet program unleashes the full weight loss potential of calorie shifting.

All the work is done for you. Users get to pick what they want to eat through an online diet generator. After picking, the online diet generator converts the user’s choices and creates a calorie shifting meal plan. All you have to do is follow the meal plan and that’s all there is to this diet.

Full review here…


Flexibility: Fat Loss 4 Idiots makes a calorie shifting meal plan for you. You pick what you want to eat.

Saves time: All the planning is done for you in seconds.

Saves money: No trial-and-error dieting. This diet will help you get it right the first time.

Easy to accomplish. You get to eat as much as you want.

Fastest results of any calorie shifting diet. Up to 9 pounds or more in 11 days.

And more…

Click here to check out the official Fat Loss 4 Idiots Website.

2. Every Other Day Diet

Average Customer Review:

4 stars

The Every Other Day Diet, also known as EODD is a very popular weight loss diet that uses the concept of calorie shifting, but in a everyotherdaydietpic1_1 different form and calls it interval eating.

This diet is in e-book form. The basic idea of this diet is that you pick a meal plan based on your preference, follow it, but you are allowed to eat anything you want every other day. Even fast foods!

Full review here…


Allows you to eat anything you like every other day including fast foods.

Contains specific meal plans aimed at optimal weight loss results.

Has an optional yet beneficial workout plan in addition to the diet.

And more…

Click here to visit the official Every Other Day Diet website.

3. Skinny Switch Secret

Average Customer Review:

3 stars

In 2010, an infomercial featured a man by the name of Rob Nevins promoting a new diet where he promised you can eat anything Skinny Switch Picture you want and still lose weight. He called his method of weight loss the Skinny Switch Secret.

This diet also uses the SAME concept of dieting: Calorie shifting, but doesn’t call it that. It does however change how you eat every 3 days as well as offers you meal plans to choose from. The only downside of this diet is that it’s expensive, very expensive ($150+).

Full Review Here…


Uses calorie shifting for it’s dieting method.

Provides a lot of food choices to work with.

Provides flexibility in letting you eat almost anything you want.

And more…

Official Skinny Switch Secret Review Here.


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