Metabolic confusion was a few years ago an awesome way to lose weight (still is), but with all the hot new diet trends coming out, it kind of fell out of popularity.

Fortunately, it’s resurfaced and here’s everything you need to know:

1) The concept is simple:

Instead of eating everyday in a routine, with the same number of meals and generally the same caloric amounts everyday, you instead…

Eat 4 or more meals a day (don’t overeat, only until you feel full).

Each meal has different caloric values. One meal could have 500 calories, the next could be 100, the one after that could be 300 and so on.

By eating in this “uncertain” order, you create the metabolic confusion “effect”, and what this means is that the body adjusts your metabolism based on the order you eat and when there’s no order, it RAISES metabolism to compensate for the “disorder” that’s caused by eating in erratic caloric values, day after day.

So what this means is that…metabolic confusion is a great way to lose weight.

2) How it’s done:

While a specific diet plan is suggested to get this right (I’ll give you a list of the best ones that use metabolic confusion), you basically combine generally healthy eating, at least 4 times a day, and mix up the caloric values of each meal.

Foods like vegetables, shrimp and generally low carb foods are best to use this plan for because they, themselves already hold low calories, which already will cause weight loss. Add to this method the effect of metabolic confusion (which raises metabolism) and you get accelerated weight loss results.

3) How much weight can you lose?

It does depend on which plan you’re following, but the good news is that the weight loss results are pretty rapid. Some diets which use this idea boast 10 pounds or more in a week, while others a bit slower.

4) Is it healthy?

As long as you’re not overeating, or eating bad foods, there shouldn’t be issues (check with a doctor just in case if you’re taking medication). All that this is, is just a style of eating to work the body’s metabolism more so than usual.

And you will lose weight a lot more rapidly if you do it right, than you would from generally eating less and healthy (which you’re still doing here anyway).

3 diets which use metabolic confusion:

#3: Fat Loss 4 Idiots.

I have to mention this diet, because it was one of the original ones to use it (they called it calorie shifting). But unfortunately, this site and program went away awhile back. It was a huge hit though.

#2: 17 day diet.

This diet was actually the one which originally used the term “metabolic confusion” to describe it’s style (and what probably led to the popularity of people looking up what it meant). Now this diet has 4 phases:

Each phase is 17 days long, and the diet itself thus lasts for over 60 days.

Within each phase you are eating in different, yet erratic (metabolic confusion triggering) habits.

Weight loss results from using this diet are about 12 pounds the first 17 days, then a slowdown throughout the next phases, but it’s a good plan, if you have the time to put into it, yet I’d suggest the next diet plan for using this style of eating:

#1: 2 week diet. Official Site.

This is a 4 phase plan, like the 17 day diet, but FAR shorter and fast acting (14 days total vs 60+ days total).

Here is how it works:

Phase 1: For about 5 days, you rotate vegetable eating days with vegetable/low carb foods (the erratic mixing is going on which leads to metabolic confusion). There are a list of allowed foods, but it’s generally low carb and in mixed orders (eat until you feel full).

Phase 2: (Day 6) 1 day of intermittent fasting. You start around nigh time, sleep through most of the fast and then eat the next day, but this switch from eating stuff to nothing, also adds to the metabolic confusion effect and fat burning.

Phase 3: Day 7 and 8. You eat for 2 days and consume mega 3 healthy type fats such as fish, turkey bacon and other foods with high, healthy fats. These actually speed up metabolism even more as they increase circulation.

The word “fat” is a bit of an oxymoron here because it’s not “bad fat”, it’s good fat.

Men eat about 1,500 calories daily here (spread out in multiple meals) and women eat about 1,000 calories a day here.

Phase 4: Day 9 and until day 14, you can eat anything, yes anything you want so long as there is no passing of your daily caloric limit. The 2 week diet helps your establish what your ideal daily caloric intake should be and in the last phase, you literally just stay under it from days 9-14.

If you wish to lose more weight, you simply eat less.

And what happens is you basically create a caloric deficit which itself leads to weight loss.

While the 2 week diet. doesn’t specifically list it’s style of eating as metabolic confusion, because it’s changing your eating routines throughout the 4 phases and giving you different things to eat in different caloric values, that itself IS metabolic confusion in action and it’s one of the reasons why this diet out of the 3 above gets the best weight loss results:

You can drop about 10 or more pounds in 14 days or less. It is also one of the most flexible diets in general, not just for metabolic confusion.

So there you have it, an explanation of the dieting method, and which plans use it!


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