The metabolic confusion (MC) diet wasn’t very popular, until a diet known as the 17 day diet came out in late 2010 and was shown 17-day-diet1 on the Dr.Phil and the Doctors shows. The diet boasted that you can lose 12 pounds in 17 days and eat what you wanted. Now there are a lot of claims about the 17 day diet that aren’t true, but one fact that is true is that metabolic confusion does work and if you intend on using it to diet, you should know how it REALLY works. Here’s the scoop:

1. The metabolic confusion diet is based off a concept of dieting known as “calorie shifting”. 

Calorie shifting is the original word for this method of dieting. It’s been used by other programs but titled differently in order to give people the impression this is something new when it fact it’s all based of the original theory. In addition a lot of diets including the 17 day diet which titled their version of calorie shifting differently don’t actually use it to it’s full potential. More on that below.

How it works:

Metabolic confusion’s idea if founded on the basis that if you eat in mixed eating routines, you can actually confuse or trick your body into raising it’s metabolism naturally. This is completely true and proven to work, but through the 17 day diet, this method is used a little bit differently. 

In the 17 day diet, you are given 4, 17 day cycles of eating plans. For the first 17 days you will be following 1 specific meal plan, having your body get used to it and then switching to a different meal plan the next 17 days and continuing this cycle until you finish 4 of them.

Each cycle has a name: Accelerate, activate, achieve, and arrive. And when you switch to a new cycle, you will add more healthy foods into the diet. In reality the fancy wording for each cycle is nothing more than another term for MC. The wording just makes it seem like it’s a lot more than it really is.

Every single time you switch to a new meal plan (every 17 days), you’ll activate metabolic confusion because your body will have already adapted to another eating routine prior to you switching, so when you change to a completely new meal plan, you’ll confuse it, thus as a natural reaction it’ll raise metabolism and thus weight loss will occur. This is exactly how the 17 day diet utilizes MC in it’s diet. So contrary to the title, this diet isn’t really 17 days long. It’s actually 68.

Better/More Flexible Ways To Do This Diet:

I mentioned earlier that the MC diet isn’t taken as far as it could be with the 17 day diet. I also mentioned that the name of the original name for this dieting technique was called calorie shifting and it’s method was MUCH easier to do, deliver way faster results and allowed you to eat as much as you wanted. 

Through calorie shifting, you change how you eat every single day and better yet, the more you eat, the better the weight loss results. Because you would be switching your  eating routines every single day, instead of every 17 days, the calorie shifting effect (MC) would occur much faster, which meant weight loss results happened more quickly. 

So why does this method deliver faster results than the 17 day diet’s version of it? fatloss4idiots

It’s because this diet as well as many others which have tried to mimic calorie shifting but  always tried adding their own flavor to it and this usually involved sticking to more traditional dieting habits: Eating healthy, counting and limiting calorie consumption and basically always trying to regulate what you ate. 

This “meddling” with an already and nearly perfect method of dieting actually diluted the results instead of making them better which is why if you want the best results from metabolic confusion (calorie shifting) or however you want to call it, you need to do it was meant to be done which was originally and for that I highly recommend the original program which first introduced the world to calorie shifting: Fat Loss 4 Idiots.  It is still the only program to this day which strictly follows calorie shifting.

But strict calorie shifting doesn’t mean strict rules for the dieter. For the dieter, it means:

  • Eating as much as you want (up to 6 meals a day).
  • Having MANY food choices (no fancy recipes, just basics).
  • Being able to drink coffee, sodas and add condiments.
  • Eating pretty much anything you want and losing 10 pounds or more in 2 weeks.

This is what doing a PROPER calorie shifting diet like Fat Loss 4 Idiots can bring a dieter and it’s also a diet which provides long term results and doesn’t force you to adopt some sort of new lifestyle which is what the others constantly try to do, including the 17 day diet. There’s nothing wrong with eating healthy foods, but to try and make that happen pretty much cold turkey like most diets force you to is the main reason why most if not all of them fail.

Luckily calorie shifting is completely different. If you were told that it’s possible to lose a lot of weight by eating as much as you want and pretty much what you want, you would think this is impossible, but through calorie shifting it is. And no program does calorie shifting better than Fat Loss 4 Idiots. Try it for yourself and you’ll see :)





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