The 7 Day Calorie Confusion diet is based off the idea that you can lose weight by “eating more” but at the same time mixing your dr.oz eating routines to confuse your metabolism and hence make it work fast. The diet was created by Dr.Oz. Although this diet works, it’s method of weight loss is actually based off another popular diet plan which uses the same type of method, but calls it calorie shifting. 

How The Calorie Confusion Diet Works: 

This is also known as the metabolic confusion diet (info and more plans). The key to this diet is alternating up and down days when it comes to caloric intake. In other words, you consume foods which equate to a large number of calories 1 day and then switch up and consume much less calories the next. 

Dr.Oz recommends consuming no more than 2,000 calories on up days and no more than 1,200 calories on down days. If you do this correctly, this method of eating should trick your metabolism and make it work harder. This is actually a proven method of weight loss which manipulates your metabolism’s adaptation, confuses it and therefore makes it work faster to maintain order. It’s quite a brilliant “trick”. 

Although Dr.Oz does post a sample meal plan (found below), the truth is the idea of caloric confusion isn’t new and shouldn’t be limited to specific eating plans. It’s a diet in which you have the luxury to choose what you wish to eat, so long as you perform the diet correctly which really counts. 

The key to this diet is 2 things: scale

1. Start off with either a high day (2,000 calories) or low day (1,200 calories). Whichever one you begin with, you’ll go to the next one the very next day, then back to the original.

Ex: Day 1: High day, Day 2: Low day, Day 3: High day Day 4: Low day, Day 5: High day, Day 6: Low day, Day 7: High day. Then you’re done! 

2. Eat 7 times a day. Sounds like a lot but it isn’t. Here is the breakdown:

1 Breakfast, 2 snack, 3 lunch, 4 snack, 5 dinner, 6 snack, 7 supper.

Notice there is a snack between each major meal. This is where you’ll eat something small like an apple or nuts. The major meals are about a few 100 calories. 

Sample meal plan:

High day (2,000 calories):

Breakfast (400 calories): 1 egg omelet,  1 slice of toast (no butter), cup of orange juice, 1/4 low fat cheddar cheese (shredded).

Snack (50 calories): Bowl of nuts. 

Lunch (300 calories): Ham sandwich with 2 slices of whole bread, lettuce, tomato and cheese (no condiments).

Snack (50 calories): 1 apple. 

Dinner (600 calories): Chicken breast (lean), 1 baked potato, salad from tomato & pickels, and 1 cup of orange juice. 

Snack (50 calories): 1 orange. 

Supper (500): 1 lb of shrimp (boiled), with 1 cup of orange juice or water. 

Total: 1,950 calories. Make sure to not go over 2,000 calories for up days. 

Down day (1,200 calories):

Breakfast (300 calories): 1 bowl of cereal with half a cup of milk, 2 slices of french toast and 1 cup of orange juice.

Snack (50 calories): Bowl of nuts.

Lunch (300 calories): Turkey sandwich consisting of 2 slices of bread again, 2 slices of tomato, lettuce and cucumber (no condiments). 

Snack (50 calories): Bowl of strawberries. 

Dinner (200 calories): 1/2 pounds of grilled salmon with 1 cup of orange juice (or any other natural juice you prefer). 

Snack (50 calories): Any 1 fruit you wish to eat. 

Supper (200 calories): 1/2 pound of lean chicken breast, 1 cup of juice, and salad. 

Total: 1,150 calories. Make sure to not go over 1,200 calories on down days.

Next day just repeat a similar up up day menu followed by a similar down day menu the following the day. Keep going until you reach 7 days. 

What if you go over/under? What happens if on an up day you reach about 1,800 or 1,900 calories? Will this hurt your results? No, just make sure the next day (low day), you consume less calories than the day before. Maintain the up/down day difference. It shouldn’t be close. 

Pros: Skinny Switch Pros

Can cause you to lose 5 pounds every 7 days (or more in some cases) if done right. 

Provides a decent amount of caloric intake for the average person. 

Uses healthy foods. 

Has been rated high by many who have tried it. 

Based off a proven method of dieting (calorie shifting).

Cons: Skinny Switch Cons

Might not be suitable for those who like eating a lot. Eating 1,200 calories on down days might not be comfortable for some.

Doesn’t allow alcohol, sodas, coffee or condiments.

Doesn’t let users make their own menus. This isn’t really a big deal, unless you want the luxury of choosing what you want to eat.

Doesn’t allow for high caloric foods. No steak, bacon, fries, pizza, cookies and other related foods which is actually pretty good in most cases. 

Final Rating 7 Day Caloric Confusion Diet:

3 stars

3 Stars Out of 5 (Good diet that works!) 

Final Thoughts: Should you try it?

The theory behind the caloric confusion diet is proven to work. If you’ve never tried this type of diet before, I recommend sticking to the meal plan outlined by Dr.Oz when it comes to it to get a feel of how it works. And a lot of people who have tried it reported to losing weight on it and feeling great. 

Though this diet works, it’s also limited because it doesn’t take it’s own theory to it’s fullest potential. Caloric confusion (metabolic confusion) is a method where you CAN eat much more than just 1,200 or even 2,000 calories everyday and still lose weight.

This diet in spite of following a unorthodox style of dieting still limits itself because it sticks to eating only low caloric foods and sticking to a specific traditional meal plan. Caloric confusion in it’s purest allows you to eat what you want, as much as you want without worrying about ANY caloric counting and you can actually lose just as much weight if not more. 

If you want to experience the full potential and luxury of caloric confusion (calorie shifting), I highly recommend trying one of these diet plans which do it well. These diet plans allow you to make your own meal plans, has much more food choices and there is just much more flexibility in general.


2 Responses to The 7 Day Calorie Confusion Diet Review. Does It Really Work?

  1. Vereen says:

    Is it possible to reduce belly-fat by just weightlifting?

    • Admin says:

      It is, but you’re really making the job 4x harder. If you want to reduce belly fat, you need to focus on the dieting aspect of things, then the workouts will yield even more results.

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